Our Adopt-A-family program helps make memories for children and families during the holiday season. We do this by matching supporters with families in Washington DC who provide toys, clothing, and gift cards for the children and families we partner with. There are varying families sizes with children that range from birth to 16 years old who require assistance. We encourage you to spread the word and team up with your friends, family, officers, or social networks to adopt a large family or multiple families.

Last year, donors stepped up to adopt nearly 300 families and children. This year, we need your help to make memories for hundreds more children and families. 

We also work closely with companies and groups of people to deepen their impact. Just listen to our recent Caring for Children Award Recipient, Kim Bright, share her and her AECOM's story of adopting families for nearly 20 years.

Fortunately, thanks to everyone who stepped up this year, all of our families have been adopted. However, there are still ways you can help families this holiday season!

Are you interested in having an even greater impact on children and families this holiday season?

Consider making a generous contribution to help us provide essential resources, services, and tools for neighbors and families in our community now and throughout the year.

Your support ensures we can continue to be a community of support to families in Washington, D.C.

Thank you!