Our Adopt-A-Family program helps make memories for children and families during the holiday season. We do this by matching supporters with families in Washington, D.C. to provide toys, clothing, and gift cards for the children and families we partner with. There are many families of varying sizes with children that range from birth to 16 years old who require assistance. We encourage you to spread the word and team up with your friends, family, offices, or social networks to adopt a large family or multiple families.

Last year, 85 donors like you, were matched with 133 families making memories for 314 children and their parents. This holiday season help us make memories for 350 children.

At this time, all of our families have been adopted for this holiday season! If there are other ways you wish to support families or donate please visit our Make Memories page or complete the form below. We are accepting volunteers to work our Holiday Toy Store and welcome partnership in various ways throughout the year.

P.S. There are many ways to make memories for families this holiday season, please visit our Make Memories Campaign page or contact Rebecca Kellett at if you have any questions or want to help in another way.